Session 6A – Financial Models in CBE: Research and Practice

Success for new CBE delivery models will require that they positively affect student completion while also producing sustainable business models. To date, little research has been undertaken on the financial underpinnings of newer CBE business models. A recently completed study, funded by the Lumina Foundation, provides a first look at four such programs from a business model perspective. In this session, participants will hear findings from the study and discuss the emerging best practice in creating sustainable CBE models. What do CBE initiatives cost? What are the startup vs. ongoing operating costs? How long does it take to reach break even and generate a return on this investment? How do the elements of the business model connect back to student success? A panel of study participants will also share their views on the study results and their experience in creating their own business models.

October 20 - Concurrent Sessions 2
Location: Grand Saguaro North-South Date: October 20, 2016 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm donnadesrochers Donna Desrochers amyberendes Amy Berendes Doolittle, Phil Phil Doolittle brendanfarley Brendan Farley ???????????????????????????????????? Lisa Jones